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Designed and assembled in Montreal, Canada, Safran Collection draws its inspiration from the warm tones of the saffron spice, synonym of natural beauty & travel. 


Our collections are a combination of hand made creations and imported pieces. Our jewelry are made from high-quality materials selected with care to respect our name; Safran. 


Saffron, also called “red gold spice”, originates from Greece and is known for being the most precious spice in the world due to its scarcity - each flower produces only three threads of saffron and blooms for only one week each year. The spice's luxurious character and warm tones are easily associated with the warm tones of gold and silver metals composing our collections. 


Our jewelry are made from 925 sterling silver imported from Italy, gold and semi-precious stones. With over 20 years of experience in this domain, we know the importance of carefully selecting durable materials. We wish to unable our pieces to be worn every day as an extension of your true self and to be passed to next generations. 


Our creations are meant to embrace every single one of your unique personalities. Our designs are inspired by the soft lines of the human body, aiming to make women shine with a combination of warm tones.


Safran’s essence is the union between mind & matter, achieved through high-quality materials to highlight the feminine essence. 


- Join Safran's journey by shining one soul at a time -



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