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Safran's mission to create timeless jewelry is attained through the use of high-quality materials only. 


We work solely with 925 Sterling Silver from Italy. Italian silver has a true unique shine, one that is elegant in nature and resistant to a lifetime with proper care. 925 Sterling Silver is an alloy made of 92.5% pure Silver and 7.5% Copper. This union between metals is the foundation for its durability, so you can wear it everyday.



Our 14K gold-filled collection is a high-quality alternative to solid gold. 14 karat gold-filled is made by bonding a solid layer of gold to a base metal. The process involves a high amount of heat and pressure, making durable jewelry.



Our Gold Vermeil jewelry are made up of 4 microns of 24K pure gold layered onto a 925 sterling silver base. Vermeil jewelry are therefore entirely made from precious metals, resulting in extremely high-quality and durable pieces.



Solid Gold is highly durable. Therefore, our 10K jewelry can resist to a lifetime and beyond, when taken good care of. 


Please refer to our Jewelry Care for more details.

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